What is Man? Or no, wait! Wait!

As I hang here typing, upside-down in a South American cave, I gaze for a moment into the abyss of insects and guano and consider the moon. The moon is no emblem of rebellion, only another servant to one dying star among billions. Wry in repose amidst her hazy billows, she scorns m…

I’m terribly sorry. I shall no longer permit a bat to write my blog. Now, my name is Gary, and as I look about this belfry, I try to imag…

I do apologize! I feel I have no control over these gentlemen. I’m trying to write a blog about peace, here, in the sure

hands of a baseball player. I crack into the ball, and the sound echoes in the forest of my ashy forebears…

I shall permit no bats, of any kind, to write in this blog! These gentlemen have no concept of what it is to stand still and upright in a wall for 85 odd years between studs, or lie forever on a dusty attic floor. To be stacked indiscriminately among brothers and strangers in a…


I don’t know why I’m doing this bat thing, but I will say, the last “bat” was a “batt,” in fact. fiberglass batt insulation This blog is about a gentleman in his early thirties who has either average, or below-average tolerance for his fellow man. I know comedians make good livings coming up with ways to joke about how they don’t fit in. The burgeoning, annoying, animal lover “class,” which it is, also harbor considerable misanthropy, but they comprise a small percentage of the population. The man featured in this blog hates people as much as, or a little more than, the next person. He is a regular, quietly hateful bastard. This weblog will chronicle the man’s progress as he attempts to transition to a mindset of peace and goodwill through whatever means available.


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