There, but for the Grace of Jones, go I.

Premise of blog: Asshole learns some tough lessons, learns something along the lines of, “All you need is love,” and lives on as humble beacon.

Reality: Having difficulty getting off the ground because people are murderous and evil.

Upper class, suburban neighborhood. It is early afternoon, and I am driving to an appointment at the home of a resident. I pull into winding, immaculate driveway and proceed up steep hill. Wrong mansion. I am rather deliberately blocked by another car as I try to exit the one-lane driveway. The man who exits the car looks like he played high school football 30-odd years ago.

“What are you doing here?” He is really stern, and though I am usually prepared for conflict, I am caught in work mode, and by surprise.

“I’m working. I have the wrong house.”

“You’re damn right you do.” His response is predictable, but nonetheless intimidating. I am immediately embarrassed of being shaken-up by this man. I will now find a picture that looks like this person, as I was struck at the time by the similarity:


The confrontation continues with events such as my saying, “I am unarmed, sir. You need not resort to the castle doctrine!”  I had no doubt this man had a gun on his person.

Stud says, “I’m from West Virginia. I work for all these things you do to have. Don’t give me that college bullshit!” There is a Nixonesque, jowly quality to his barking.

I was detained in this way for almost ten minutes, and then made to search my car for nonstandard credentials that satisfied him. He eventually let me go. It’s odd, I have had guns pulled on me a few times in rough places, but I felt I was at risk of being shot this time if I had not complied.

The man directly took my power from me. I felt him absorbing it as the seconds passed. I became a child, but not even a modern child. I was like a boy from the 50’s, and this man was my pa. The peOple in this man’s life respect him. he is wealthy, and likely the center of his family. I can think of his family crying as his bravery and strength are eulogized some day. One


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