Please Select the Card I am Forcing You to Select.

I just wrote a great deal on politics on this very page. I did not even select “new document.” I chose to select all, and deleted everything I had written. This piece is like a blade of grass growing from the dung of an animal that had eaten only blades of grass. Or a fly feeding on the remains of a smashed toad, a cannibal thrice removed. Something happened when I began to proofread what I’d written: I realized I was dumb, and in this case, a special form of dumb. The opposite of my kind of dumb is not smart, or “able to speak”, for that guy out there. The opposite of my dumb is dumb. I’ll illustrate why in this comic strip:


The strip illustrates two people observing the same image with very different interpretations of what it may be. Both responses called for some creativity, and the people had to have a degree of conviction in order to name the relatively abstract image. If we were viewing a PET scan, both people would have illuminated brains chronicling their efforts. Here’s the thing: Not only are both parties wrong (the image is one corner of a Chinese star,) but it is a Chinese star that is going to specifically harm both of them.

I used to be on the side of the möbius strip for those who thought liberals were shrieking, amoral, murdering shrews. Then I saw the side that hated Teabilly, racist, murderous Tribalists.


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