Woah, bro. Who slept in your condom?

In the Old Testament, two arguing women presented wise King Solomon with a problem. He settled it brilliantly, so, whatevs. A normal self-centered cock must use his evil rat brain. (You’ll notice two animals normally featured in the Chinese zodiac appear in the last sentence. That is no accident.) When strangers are quarreling, solutions come readily to mind, and it makes the workman a king for that moment. If only all the troubles of the world were the troubles of strangers! When problems arise between two loved ones, the same third-party workman is a leper.

Something Solomon would not have thought of is to take the side of both parties, and alternate loyalty depending on who you’re talking to at the moment. That’s what I did today because I’m a cowardly bum! Here is an unrelated comic! Hope you enjoy it!


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