Don’t Be Sad

I was playing chess against a gentleman from Turkey. He had a low rating, but I knew better than to expect poor play. When playing chess on line, the things a player relies upon vanish. A person could have a 1400 rating and annihilate me, which used to drive me over the edge into deep, deep psychosis, until I realized the score. People use computer programs, or engines, to win. When they employ such a device, it is as though they are a 2600 level-player. That makes me sad, but there is at least one other possibility: You’ll look at their profile and their recent games, and notice they’ve lost the last 30 matches. That is a red flag, too. For some reason, people like to deflate their rating and beat higher rated players in some sadistic trap. I hate those people.

This Turkish gentleman beat me a few times in a row with, at first, reckless play that kept finishing with inhuman accuracy. I lost my mind repeatedly. I realized something at this point, however. It is not unheard-of to be in a position where the obvious moves are also the best moves. Suffice it to say, anyone can look good in a won position. I learned long ago never to accuse your opponent of using an engine, not because you don’t want to offend him, but because you don’t want to compliment his play in case he was not sing an engine. I have been the beneficiary of such attacks, as many people have accused me of using a program when I was not, and it had the two-pronged effect of boosting my ego and diminishing him. I laughed many times like an evil king at these accusations, flung at me from all corners of the world including the Vatican.

It is important to identify the possibility that you are playing like a patzer bum, and lack of vision vaults the opponent to a place of esteem in your teeny mind. when I was routinely drunk, that was comically recurrent. I shall stand now.


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