On the Eve of My Execution.

I quit smoking more than six months ago. I smoked for twenty years. I finished smoking on a combination of American Spirits and Winstons. I smoked electronic cigarettes for one month after I smoked my last real cigarette. Prior to smoking Winston, I smoked Camel. Before Camel it was Marlboro Reds. I had a long stint with Camel Wide Menthol, for some reason. I smoked Lucky Strike unfiltered and Pall Mall unfiltered when I was totally young, like sixteen. I started with Kool Mild, the brand my dad smoked. My dad quit smoking when I was eighteen, which put him at around 48 years old at that time. Smoking has somehow become a hallmark of the lower class, so I’m glad I quit. I can feel myself becoming the guy who smoked for 20 years and becomes a self-righteous ass six months after he quit. There never really was any choice for me. All my life has been pointed in one direction…I have finally unified all the title belts of hypocrisy.


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