Reader Response #5 Gary Musisko

* Professor: Some of my earlier posts are sort of embedded in the title section.

Perhaps it’s my current exhausted state, or maybe it’s the weather or something like that, but the Kalichman article is only absurd. Only. Freire and hooks illuminated some aspects of institutions that are deliberately destructive to our students, economy, and culture. Institutions can achieve a kind of demonic sentience when the formula is just right, and the AIDS machine is not immune. Denying the connection between HIV and AIDS seems foolhardy to even laypersons like me, but the criteria for necromancy have been met; which is to say humans and money and time in their awful synergy. The Ockham’s razor explanation to all this is that people are insane, which they are. Kalichman can be outraged or sad, but this situation may call for the bar guy answer. The bar guy answer is shorthand for Ockham’s razor, so it can be called “short-shorthand.” It is the hasty, reckless simplification of something a drunken toad will never, and can never understand. If people, even in light of all the information available in our age, are choosing to abandon their treatment regimens and subsequently die, it is because they should. The bar guy invokes “Darwin,” and the conversation is “over.”

hooks should have said something like this: “Human life is but a footnote to a vast obscure unfinished masterpiece.” The Jonestown mass-suicide is jarring and horrible, even now, but such a nadir is effective and necessary when viewed through the lens of composition.

Gary Musisko


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